Traveling Circus of Urbanism ZINE Volume 1 アーバニズムの旅するサーカス – I Was There

Traveling Circus of Urbanism ZINE Volume 1 アーバニズムの旅するサーカス – I Was There ¥1500+tax

8つのテクストはすべて同じ文、 I was thereからはじまります。




世界中の都市から様々な街づくりの情報を紹介するサイトTraveling Circus of Urbanismから

A5判96pages 英語+日本語訳

Traveling Circus of Urbanism is an experiment intended to help you navigate and read cities in a way that evokes both a sense of adventure and a global sense of place. Each volume of this magazine has a topic sentence fragment ― all articles begin with the same words, as an exercise in storytelling. In this volume, we focus on “I Was There.”

We live in a time of quarantine and global travel restrictions. We began spending more time at home, and suddenly, life between the buildings in our cities disappeared. Traveling elsewhere to learn a new culture and experience something new became nonsensical, and the importance of “being there” slipped away over a video call.

In this volume, flaneurs, artists, designers, and researchers from around the world are gathered around our imaginary table, having conversations to share their stories about their personal experiences in cities. We hope to contribute to a return to “being there”, getting back an imagination for cities that exist as much “out there” as they do “in here”.

A5 size 96pages English with Japanese translation